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Gardening Club

The children from the infants and junior school attend the gardening club every Tuesday after school. They, along with Mrs Jones look after the gardens around the school, keeping them looking neat and watering the plants. They plant flowers to make our grounds look attractive and vegetables to use for cooking in school. The children at the gardening club not only get to have fun and provide vegetables, but they are also learning about how to grow plants and vegetables and nature. Staff and friends of the school helped to clear the garden area so that we can now use it as an outdoor learning area.

Gardening Club is on after school on a Tuesday with Mrs Jones meeting at the Infants school.

Use the links below to see what we have been up to in the garden.

November 2019

The evenings are getting darker and colder now, so this week was the last week of Gardening Club for this year. There were still jobs to do, leaves to sweep from the paths and to remove from the vegetable patch. We also planted the strawberry runners into the main bed.

We hope the rest of the school helps us keep the garden tidy throughout the winter ready for new things to grow in the spring.

October 2019

14th October

On Monday 14th October the children from the club came in early to dig up and pick some of our crops ready for the Harvest Festival. Although it was raining we realised that farmers have to work in all weathers so we did too! We had already dug the onions and potatoes because they were ready a few weeks ago but luckily they keep well. So on this day we cut the pumpkins, dug up parsnips and carrots, picked runner beans and French beans. We were really pleased with our bumper crop!

At the whole school Harvest Festival on Tuesday, we proudly showed our produce to the rest of the children. Later that day parents were given the chance to buy our vegetables to take home. They sold fast!

8th October
The Royal Horticultural Society (R.H.S.) has given our school garden Level 4 in their School Gardening Awards. They gave us a certificate which is hanging up in the outdoor classroom for everyone to see and they also gave us loads of seeds too. Most of them will be planted in the spring.

We've got two new adult volunteers now. Mrs Cox and Mrs Warwick are very excited to get started. Both of them used to work at our school.

September 2019

Lots of excitement for our first week back at the club. Everything is growing really well. During the holidays some adults came in and harvested potatoes, runner beans and onions.

Mr Mann and Mr Knight have been busy too. They've laid a new path and started building a porch onto the outdoor classroom.

Today we picked loads of raspberries and shared them out so that everyone had some to take home.

17th September

July 2019

June 2019

25th June
We're very proud to announce that our Gardening Club has been awarded level 3 of the School Gardening Awards by the Royal Horticultural Society. As a reward, they'll be sending us some free plants throughout the year. We're looking forward to seeing what they send.

11th June
Our crops continue to grow well with all the rain we've been having and this week we lifted the first of our potatoes. 

The leaves of the rhubarb are ENORMOUS  and the strawberries are starting to ripen.

Soon we'll be cutting lettuce too.

May 2019

April 2019

30th April

This week some of the children worked hard to move bark chippings to make a new path.  Mr Feast and Mrs Coles helped others plant wildflowers and Mrs Hills was in the greenhouse planting seeds with children. We also planted some young cabbage and butternut squash plants into one of the raised beds. We used cut off plastic bottles to protect them.

25th April

Our team of 16 gardeners (and our adult volunteers) are really busy at the moment. There's so much to do...seeds to sow, new plants to water and weeding too! It can be hard work but it's rewarding to see how good it's looking and to see all the plants growing well.

March 2019

March at Gardening Club 

We had a busy week at the club. We now have a new greenhouse and some of us used our constructing skills to build the shelving for it.

Mr Feast helped us do some weeding and plant onions and carrots in a raised bed. We found some garlic growing that we had forgotten we'd planted!

Meanwhile, some other children planted sweet pea, cosmos and aster seeds in trays. Hopefully, if we look after them well, they'll grow and we'll have more beautiful flowers around the school in the summer. 

Lots of digging! 

With the help of Mrs Hills and Mrs Dickerson we are starting to dig up and move a huge pile of topsoil from outside the Junior School down to the outdoor classroom. We'll use it to fill our new raised beds. 

Mrs Coles is retiring as a dinner lady but coming back to help at Gardening Club. She helped us this week to deadhead the daffodils. 

Meanwhile, some of us, with the help of Mrs Jones, weeded the flower beds outside the Year 1 classrooms.

Spring Term 2019

The first week back at gardening club was beautifully sunny. Lots of plants are starting to spring up. The daffodils we planted in the autumn are looking really pretty.

The children started to plant some fruiting trees as a hedge around the amphitheatre in the woodland clearing. We hope they'll encourage the birds.

We also scattered some wildflower seeds around. We're hoping they will look fabulous in the summer.

November 2018

This month we have had some new members join us for Gardening Club and Mrs Dickerson has been helping too. 

This week we received a free hedgerow tree pack from the Woodland Trust including dog rose, elder, crab apple and rowan.  We've started to plant them in pots before we decide where they will eventually be planted in the school grounds.  It will take us a while to plant then all but if they grow they should have lots of berries on them in the future which will help to encourage wildlife. 

We all potted up some winter flowering pansies.  Every club member took one home.  The rest we will sell at the Christmas fayre to raise money for our club.

October 2018

This week at Gardening Club we dismantled an old greenhouse, planted daffodil bulbs donated by Fareham Borough Council, and harvested a crop of chillies. Mrs Hills found the spider!