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Crofton Anne-Dane

Who was the first to zoom to the Moon?

We started our topic by having an alien day! The children (and staff) came in dressed up as friendly aliens! 

The children came across a dramatic crash scene, including a broken rocket and alien footprints! There was a glittery pathway of footprints with blobs of green slime on bushes and trees. The children worked as detectives to uncover what happened!

We have spent lots of time learning all about Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin. The children have loved the topic and have even had the opportunity to make their own Moons out of paper mache.




Do dinosaurs eat burgers or chips?

The children came into the classrooms to find the remains of a party! We spent the day being detectives and asking questions before spending time learning all about dinosaurs. The children loved learning about different dinosaurs, their diets and even spent time sketching dinosaurs. 


What was all that commotion in the ocean?

The children started school in an underwater abyss and had to swim to put their book bags away ready to start our learning journey.

The children were incredibly excited and loved the new look in our classrooms!
Below is the overview for the topic and some photos of our classes. 

commotion in the ocean leaf sheet.pdf



How can we make Goldilocks' pillow just right?  

The children came into school to find a letter from the Jolly Postman! He needed our help! We went all around the UK looking for clues. We found a spoon, porridge and a bowl... who could it be for?