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Crofton Anne-Dane

Year 5

Spring 2

26/03/21 - We made use of the outdoors again this week, creating stick swords, bark shields and crowns made of leaves. We acted out the Greek myth Perseus and Medusa. 

17/03/21 - Year 5 have been really enjoying playing hockey with Mrs Serridge, sports coach.


11/03/21 - We are thrilled to be back at school with the lovely Year 5! We hit the ground running with a brand new topic, driven by the question 'What did the Greeks do for us?' Our Greek unit started with learning about the Greek myth Thesesus and the Minotaur. We made masks and went outside to act out the myth!


04/03/21 - World Book Day was a little different with many children being at home, due to the national lockdown. In Year 5, we celebrated the day by replacing our 'normal day of learning' with a day of reading focused activities. It was fantastic to see both the children in school (essential provision) and at home (remote learners) throwing themselves into all of the activities. 


Spring 1

04/01/21 - What a brilliant first day back! We had a great day during out astronaut training day! Children came into school dressed as astronauts and ready to push themselves! We carried out a range of activities to test our fitness, coordination and teamwork skills. We designed and built our own bottle rockets and had a lot of fun launching them. We are all excited about our new topic!

Autumn 2

09/12/20 - Year 5 have been loving our outdoor PE sessions this half term. They've been driven by basketball and over the last 5 weeks we have practised dribbling, passing, footwork and pivoting, keeping possession and smart marking. The children have certainly been pleased to finally put all of their skills to use in a tournament during PE this week.

02/12/20 - We had a visit from SCARF (safety, caring, achievement, resilience, friendship). A SCARF teacher came in to carry out a 75 minute workshop with each Year 5 class. The session was really interesting - we touched upon lots of issues including the importance of mental health and peer pressure. We were also pleased to meet Harrold, the SCARF mascot.

25/11/20 - At Crofton Anne Dale Junior School, 'Christmas hula hoops' have become somewhat of a tradition and help decorate our school hall, getting everyone in the Christmas spirit! This week, all three classes have been creating their masterpieces. In Aspen, they have been making Christmas Gonk Gnomes. In Cedar, they have been making Christmas trees. In Maple, they have been making Snowmen.

18/11/20 - As apart of our topic work, we designed a survival outfit for our chosen biome. Unfortunately, our survivors only had access to limited materials! Later on in the week, we tested materials to see if they had properties making them suitable for the chosen biome. We were surprised by how strong cling film is!

09/11/20 - We worked in teams to research a biome and present to the class. We found out about each biome's climate, animals, food, people and landscape. 

02/11/20 - We have had the atlas' out and been looking at the world map. We have improved maps and learnt about longitude (including GMT), latitude (including the equator) and hemispheres. We also went on to make different biomes onto our maps.


Autumn 1

23/10/20 - As a part of our longitudinal study 'do all living things start and end the year in the same way?', we planted garlic bulbs in different conditions. We are very pleased to find that we are starting to see some growth! We have also collected data from across the school to compare the growth of pupils in different year groups throughout the year. 

12/10/20 - In science, we have been making simple electrical circuits. We have been experimenting to see what impact the number of bulbs and cells in a circuit has.

06/10/20 - It's only just October and Year 5 have been busy crafting masterpiece Christmas card designs. We enjoyed looking at and trying out a technique called pointillism. We used paint and wooden sticks to create our trees.

29/09/20 - This week, we got our avatars setup on Natterhub. Natterhub introduces children to a social media style platform that is especially setup for schools and has limited access, only allowing pupils within the class onto the 'hub'. It's a great way for children to learn about online safety.

15/09/20 - We've been learning about sound. During our science experiment this week, we found out how conductors and insulators work by building our own earmuffs and string telephones.

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